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Injection Mold Hot Runner Description

Publisher:Manager   Release time:2017-03-23
Cold runner: refers to the part of the mold inlet and the product gate. Plastic in the flow through the injection pressure and its own heat to maintain the flow state, the flow channel as part of the molding material, but does not belong to the product.
Hot runner: As a common part of the injection mold system, it is through the heating method to ensure that the flow channel and the gate of the plastic to maintain the molten state. As in the vicinity of the flow channel or center with a heating rod and heating ring, from the injection nozzle to the gate of the entire flow channel are in a high temperature state, so that the flow of plastic to keep melting, after stopping generally do not need to open the channel out of the condensate Material, and then boot the heating channel only to the required temperature can be. Thus, the hot runner process is sometimes referred to as a thermal manifold system, or a non-flow path molding.
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