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Brief introduction to mold manufacturing process in the technical development

Publisher:Manager   Release time:2017-03-23
With the demand for production, there is little metal processing branch industry can be as mold manufacturing as dynamic, therefore, constantly seeking the latest technology and innovative concept is any mold factory in a leading position is essential. Here are some of the technical advances that will help create opportunities or provide a leading position for mold processing.
First, parallel processing, mold core and cavity into a part in the multi-task machine was parallel processing. Using a tilted milling spindle (b-axis) and a reverse turning spindle (c-axis), the four sides of the rectangular workpiece and the cooling holes on the back are completed by milling. The core and cavity parts are machined when the workpiece is still integrated. By optimizing the rotation of the spindle and milling the spindle tilt, optimizing the orientation of the tool can improve the surface roughness and improve the tool life. The workpiece can also be periodically reversed to facilitate dumping of chips.
The core and cavity are then separated, and each part is still firmly held in the reverse turning spindle. The two parts are exposed to two new sides for surface milling, and the cooling holes on both parts of the mold are drilled in one of the fixtures. Compared with the traditional processing, this method greatly reduces the number of clamping and processes. Since the two parts of the mold remain well oriented from each other until they are separated, the accuracy is improved.
The second point, five-axis gun drilling, drilling with a composite angle of the water pipe line capacity makes it possible to improve the cooling performance of large molds. The five-axis drill-drilling machine makes it possible to achieve good economy by eliminating many complex fixtures. Those molds for car bumpers, automotive dashboards and other plastic parts rely on fast and efficient cooling to achieve a competitive production cycle. These programs are not very attractive, and they can not even meet the customer wants to reduce the price of mold needs.

Die manufacturing processing technology: The machine is characterized by a programmable rotary table and lower than the normal range of the upper limit of 25 degrees, the upper limit of 15 degrees cnc spindle head. The machine can be equipped with traditional gun drill, sts (single tube system) type of drill, or both drill bits are equipped. With a 1 inch diameter drill bit in deep hole drilling, it is as fast as 9 inches per minute. , The machine process control system can display the oil pressure, flow, feed resistance and torque in real time in real time. This means that the optimal drilling speed can be monitored during drilling to reduce the risk of tool breakage. The rigidity of the machine is also good for high-speed milling, drilling and tapping, and requires a tool changer option.
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